Moving Tips

  • Make a folder or use a big envelope to keep all of your records regarding the move
  • Plan your move by calling Professional movers like Toronto General Moving in advance to book the moving date.
  • Get moving quote to have an idea how much it is going to cost.
  • If you need storage, find the one close to the place you are moving to avoid extra travel and save time.
  • Call to your service provider companies i.e Phone, Internet, Cable, Gas, Water,… to cancel when you moved out and also to connect those services on the day you are moving to new place.
  • Return all the stuff you borrowed from your neighbors an get back anything you loaned out to them.
  • Contact places from which you get bills and mails such as Banks, Doctors, credit card companies and change your address.
  • Hold a garage sale if you have some extra furniture or household stuff that you don’t need any more or you cannot take them to new place.
  • Prepare moving materials like boxes, tape, bobble wraps and start packing the goods as much as you can.
  • Make sure all documents for the old and new place is complete and in proper order.
  • Try to be at your new place before the movers arrive . since they will charge you be the hour.
  • Check all the appliances, furnace and hot-water heater. Contact a repair service if something is not working.
  • Place a floor plan of your new place by the entrance door, so the movers know where to place each piece of furniture and other belongings
  • To prevent possible damage, television sets, other electronic equipment and all  major appliances should not be used before they have a chance to adjust to room temperature

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